The problem is Leinster…

Quoting the geographical imagination of Ross O’Carroll-Kelly:

“See, I think the problem is actually Leinster […] I just happened – by complete fluke – to see a map of it the other day and you wouldn’t believe the counties that are actually in it. We’re talking Wicklow. We’re talking Meath. You know there’s even a West Meath now?”  “Probably invented by some estate agent,” I go.



  1. If Leinster is not a county, then what level of political division is it? Being a geographer living in the U.S., I have no clue.


  2. Ahh, good old R.O.C.K – one of the most widely read social geographers working (or not) in Ireland today!


  3. Leinster is one of the four provinces of Ireland. The other three are…


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