‘Ecomigrants’ are on the move. The president of Kiribati, a Pacific lowlying archipelago, is exploring places to move his 100,000 citizens to in the face of a steadily rising ocean.

At the other end of the geographical and economic spectrum a guy in Maryland USA has sold his car, his home and moved his family to New Zealand. He researched a list of countries and their environmental policies and their likelihood of getting involved in resource-based conflicts, and selected NZ as being the best bet – far enough away not to get into conflicts and with a good environmental record. (Is it safe from swine flu? Pigs might fly.) But can NZ accept millions of ecomigrants from Phillipines (being savagely deforested), or Bangladesh (being gradually flooded)? There will be millions of ecomigrants in future fleeing the effects of global warming, rising sea levels, depleted resources. Malthus rides again.


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