The Conference of Irish Geographers 2009

You might well wonder what geographers do in their spare time? Well, once a year, geographers from Ireland and with an interest in Ireland meet for the annual Conference of Irish Geographers. The conference is held in a different venue each year: last year was Liverpool, and this year we travel to the People’s Republic of Cork. With the theme of ‘Prospect and Retrospect’, the two day conference includes over 110 paper presentations and three keynote addresses, and has participants from Ireland, the UK, France, Italy, Portugal and the US. The range of presentations shows the diversity of the discipline of geography, with sessions on climate change, food geographies, creative cities, upland landscapes and hidden geographies. You can check out the full conference programme here.

SojaThe keynote speakers include Professor Edward Soja from the University of California Los Angeles. Professor Soja is best known for works on urban restructuring and on geographic thought, such as Postmetropolis (2000) and Postmodern Geographies (1989). He will speak on the last day on the conference, Saturday May 16, on the topic of ‘Geography after the Crash’. Regular readers of this blog should have a particular expertise on this topic.

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