Monthly Archives: June 2009

Connecting the world

The first underwater fibre optic cable has reached East Africa. The project – a collaboration between seven states and a variety of private companes – aims to bring faster and more affordable access to broadband to East and South Africa. Currently, an unreliable broadband connection costs STGĀ£75 a month in Kenya, and twice as much […]

Retail geography: Where do we shop?

“Retail geography” is one of those daily geographies we all practice: where to buy bread, milk, shoes, jeans, a book? Ireland’s retail geography has changed in recent years with numerous new shopping centres having been constructed. But according to an article in the Irish Times commercial property section – yes, us geographers read all sorts […]

Two out of three is bad…

The New York Times published three maps, in conjunction with an article on the diverging national responses within the EU to the ongoing economic recession. The article is interesting as it provides an external view of the European Union but it is the maps, based on Eurostat Data, that grab the attention. These maps consider […]

Death stars, Lego, and China’s YouTube ban

The video web site, YouTube, is banned in China. For The Irish Times correspondent, Cliffard Coonan, the ban leaves him isolated, unaware of new developments, and frustrated. His son’s favourite video, embedded below, is unavailable to him. Now China wants to ban Twitter, one of the technologies which helped Irish school students spread the word […]

Change your party, not your lifestyle

On Friday, when you vote in the European elections, you’re not just voting for Irish political parties. All of the main parties in Ireland also belong to European political groupings. Fine Gael belongs to the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) and European Democrats (EPP-ED) – currently the largest grouping in the Parliament. Labour is a […]