Retail geography: Where do we shop?

“Retail geography” is one of those daily geographies we all practice: where to buy bread, milk, shoes, jeans, a book? Ireland’s retail geography has changed in recent years with numerous new shopping centres having been constructed. But according to an article in the Irish Times commercial property section – yes, us geographers read all sorts of things! – it is the big city centres that still draw in the Euros.

However, in the case of Dublin, competition from the “out-of-town” centres in Blanchardstown and Dundrum is fierce – as you can find by clicking on the Euro signs in the above map – and so the city centre’s primacy is by no means assured.  And then there’s the recession to contend with; a recession which is having a noticeable effect on the “high street” with numerous shops now vacant and no doubt many more to follow.


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