Monthly Archives: July 2009

Seacom, east and southern Africa’s new net connection, goes live

The new massive broadband connector linking east and southern Africa to the world wide web, discussed elsewhere in this blog, has been turned on. Millions of internet users, who for years have been frustrated by slow connection speeds, are looking forward to the new pace of communication. The 17,000 kilometre, submarine fibre optic cable system […]

Geography and network politics

It’s the network age – but politics still count.  And borders do, too. So it’s worth pointing out that network politics are geographic… in fundamental ways. Take the emergence of so-called ‘cyber-terrorism’.  It is sometimes claimed that – unlike the old days of ‘terrorism’ – the rise of silicon chips, databases, and the Internet mean […]

Tokyo subway map 2.0

What do you get by crossing the web’s largest sites, its hot spots, with the Tokyo subway map? Answer: the Web Trend Map. Put together by Information Architects in Japan, the map analyses web traffic and throws the results onto a map of the Tokyo subway. The result, an extract from which is shown below […]

Dead on arrival … ?

George Demko, a geographer from Darmouth University in the US, argues that a literary sense of place is essential to good crime fiction and one of the key ingredients in the genre’s success. Readers not only get an entertaining story, they get to know about a place and what its like to live and work […]

Ireland’s climate a winner!

Who says Ireland’s climate is a problem? Not US-based corporate giant, Microsoft. The firm has chosen Ireland for its brand new ‘mega data‘ centre, which will provide customers across the world access to its software. The decision to locate the centre in Ireland has a lot to do with the firm’s long-standing relations with the […]

Resource wars?

Another pipeline story, this time in Mayo. At this moment, Shell are attempting to bring an undersea gas pipeline to land in Broadhaven Bay, but there is widescale opposition. This Guardian video, The price of gas, has recent images from protests in Erris, including some disturbing shots of injuries to one of the protestors, Willie […]