The geography of Islam

New research by Pew has mapped what most astute geographers already know: Islam’s geography is not just a ‘Middle East’ affair. In fact, as the image below shows quite clearly, only one so-called ‘Middle Eastern’ country (Egypt) ranks in the five countries with the largest Muslim populations (the others are Indonesia, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh).

Two other interesting features of Islam’s geography: the approximately one million Muslims living in Argentina; the fact that there are more Muslims living in France than in many so-called ‘Middle Eastern’ countries.  Maybe you can spot others – if so, post a comment! Read the full Pew report here.



  1. […] I look again at this posting by Alistair and colleagues on NUIM Geography’s blog and begin to question what it is about […]


  2. An excellent survey of the world geography of political forms of Islam is Peter Mandaville’s _Global Political Islam_. Mandaville is involved with the Pew Center report and makes much use of it in his book
    Gerry Kearns


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