Like, whatever

This post is about, like, whatever. ‘Whatever’, in this case, refers to the increasing ‘whatever’ attitude among students towards formal writing. According to a (well-written) story in today’s Observer newspaper, the ‘whatever’ attitude towards formal writing can be seen in text speak appearing now in exam scripts and essays. This wrankles lecturing staff; but perhaps the ‘whatever’ attitude is the way to go. Why write out a word or a sentence in full when an abbreviated version can do the job with less effort? For staff, of course, the point is for students to leave university with the sorts of communications skills they believe will help students find work. Whatever! Lots of students will end up keeping in touch with their work colleagues via sms; and isn’t our facebook page just part of our CV these days? Why write formally in one arena and not in any others? So is it, like, whatever! to lecturing staff and their demands for polished, spell-checked papers? Do u think txt speak is ok n exams? Is dat wot da kids want? R u ok wit dis?


  1. Wen I saw dis i lolled n rofl. Like its so tru. Laterz.


  2. Alistair · · Reply

    Wot is rofl?


  3. ROFL maens rolling on floor laughing.


  4. wft?


  5. Right so, English is a first language of around 400 million individuals world wide, and a second language of about another 1000 million. So I don’t think the English language is in any danger of being destroyed by text messaging, bebo or facebook….


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