From cultural geography to a Pulitzer Prize

Cultural geography can bring you notoriety, fame and critical acclaim. Ask Jonathan Gold, winner of a Pulitzer Prize for criticism in 2007. Gold won the prize for his restaurant reviews, spanning 25 years of eating and writing in Los Angeles. Unlike many restaurant reviewers, concerned with haute cuisine and Michelin stars, Gold explores the

Vegan Thai Food in Los Angeles (from

entirety of food experiences in Los Angeles; from innards to insects, from ant-eggs to octopus, often cooked by immigrants to the city. According to a profile in the New Yorker, Gold’s interest in the foodscapes of Los Angeles began in his first year of university where, during a cultural geography course at UCLA, he mapped ethnic restauarants in a city district. From these humble beginnings, he has managed to craft a lifetime career.  So, for all those of you struggling with cultural geography projects this week, take heart (though, if you follow Gold’s example, that’s just one organ of many you’ll be trying out).


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  1. John Cosgrove · · Reply

    Here’s a link to an episode of This American Life on mapping, where Gold talks about how this work changed his life.


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