Monthly Archives: April 2010

NUIM welcomes CIG attendees

NUIM Geography is delighted to welcome attendees of the annual Conference of Irish Geographers. The conference begins today and runs until Sunday. A full programme can be seen from here. Numerous geographers are visiting Ireland for the conference, including Wendy Larner, Rachel Pain, and Michael Goodman. And there are lots of Irish-based geographers talking about […]

The volcano and the wilting flowers

Of the many, many stories arising from the current volcanic-ash-cloud-flight-chaos-mayhem (including NUIM Geographers stranded in Washington DC), one of the more illuminating for human geographers involves fresh cut flowers lying around rotting in places such as Kenya. As reported in the Guardian in Britain and in the New York Times, tonnes of flowers and vegetables […]

The politics of place: The upcoming UK general election

The Caledonian Mercury, an online Scottish newspaper, has put up a great piece by John Knox on the importance of geography to an understanding of the upcoming general election in the UK. Electoral geographers have long argued for a place-based approach to analysing electoral behaviour (something all two of us in this department have shown […]


Can someone be placeless? Is there such a thing as placelessness? Is placelessness a virtue? From a recent New York Times article: “There is a modern myth that globalization is new. But the world has integrated before, disintegrated in war, and integrated fitfully again […] What is arguably new is the influence of the placeless […]