Can someone be placeless? Is there such a thing as placelessness? Is placelessness a virtue? From a recent New York Times article: “There is a modern myth that globalization is new. But the world has integrated before, disintegrated in war, and integrated fitfully again […] What is arguably new is the influence of the placeless and the elevation of placelessness, in some quarters at least, to a virtue. The placeless are no longer just the flotsam and jetsam of empires and colonies. They are the president of the United States now; they are among our leading thinkers and bankers, philanthropists and public servants.”

Read on. A fascinating piece on the geography of migration, globalization, and governance. Worth thinking about for soon-to-be-graduating NUIM Geography students as they go off into a harsh old world… to New Zealand? Australia? England? Heaven forbid, Scotland?!

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