Geography podcasts

Thanks to the wonders of technology, it’s now possible to access lectures by prominent Geographers from around the world without ever attending their classes (or paying the expensive fees to get into their universities). David Harvey is the standout example here. You can view his seminars on Karl Marx’s Capital here and watch a clever animation of another of his lectures here.

Richard Walker is another. His Berkeley lectures on the Economic Geography of the Industrial World are accessible from the Berkeley podcast web site here (as are many other lectures in other disciplines).

Both Harvey and Walker are heavily influenced by Marxism. There might be some non-Marxist Geographers podcasting. If you find some, post some links.

ps. Do you know that you can listen to lots of the Eye on the World posts by clicking on the Odiogo link at the top right of the page?



  1. Here’s a podcast by Jamie Peck (ok, ok, he’s another Marxist of sorts!! Sorry!):


  2. They’re not podcasts but the Social and Spatial Inequalities Research Group at the Geography Department in Sheffield University are putting all this year’s lectures up on slideshare:


  3. Here is an archive of lectures by Danny Dorling of Sheffield University:


  4. Thanks for the comments / links. I’m sure the list will grow over time.


  5. Readers may be interested to see my geography field lectures on my YouTube Channel – search on for ‘ProfSimonHaslett’.


    1. Thanks for the link! What a neat idea.


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