Maynooth’s feeder schools: an update

Around about this time last year, we mapped some data on feeder schools to show where students entering Maynooth originated. The new data from the Irish Times are out and so we’ve done the same.

What’s changed? Well, unlike last year’s class, we now have some students from Clare (7 of them). We’ve also increased our intake from Kerry (from 5 students to 12), Cork (from 10 to 17), Waterford (from 6 to 21) and Kilkenny (only just, though: 25 to 27). Beyond this, we’ve pulled in a few more students from Dublin post codes, particularly Dublin 7 (from 30 to 41), Dublin 12 (from 17 to 30) and Dublin 15 (from 84 to 97).

What’s remained the same? NUI Maynooth’s core feeder schools are still in Kildare and surrounding counties: Meath, Westmeath, and Dublin first of all and then an outer ring of Louth, Monaghan, Cavan, Offaly, and Wicklow. But noteworthy here, as it was last year, is the strong showing from Donegal (50 students, up from 41 the year before) and Wexford (48, although falling from 58 in 2009).

As we did last year, we’ve mapped the results in the following four figures, which show the raw numbers and percentages of the total intake from counties in the Republic, the same for Dublin’s postcodes, and then two final maps that show the change in each area’s proportion of the student intake from 2009 to 2010.

Fig. 1 NUI Maynooth’s feeder schools by county, 2010

Fig. 2 NUI Maynooth’s feeder schools by Dublin postal districts, 2010

Fig. 3 Changes in each county’s contribution to the proportion of NUI Maynooth’s intake, 2009-10

Fig. 4 Changes in each Dublin postal district’s contribution to the proportion of NUI Maynooth’s intake, 2009-10


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  1. THE vast majority of the countrys students dont stray too far from home when they go to university.Although the seven Irish universities all aspire to be national institutions new figures show they are essentially regional in nature.And none is more so than UCC where 60pc of first years in 2008 were from Cork city or county while a further 32pc were from the neighbouring counties of Kerry Limerick Waterford and Tipperary. Only 8pc of those who enrolled on the basis of last years Leaving Cert were from further afield.Trinity College Dublin had the next highest score from its home county with 55pc of first year students coming from Dublin city or county and 12pc more from Meath Wicklow and Kildare.UCD was close behind with 52pc of new entrants with their Leaving Cert coming from Dublin city or county and a further 11pc from the same three surrounding counties.IntakeThe capitals third university DCU had a 48pc intake from the home county and 13pc from Meath Kildare and Wicklow. In the case of NUIG 35pc came from Galway city or county and a further 26pc from counties Mayo Clare Roscommon Offaly and Tipperary.Only 23pc of first-year Leaving Cert entrants in UL came from Limerick city or county with 40pc from counties Cork Kerry Clare and Tipperary.The smallest university NUI Maynooth had a 19pc intake from Co Kildare with 38pc coming from counties Dublin Carlow Laois Meath Offaly and Wicklow according to an analysis of the first-year intake carried out by a top academic.Peter Mannion president of the Union of Students in Ireland said he was not surprised at the figures.


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