Monthly Archives: February 2011

Vandals and memorials

Waiting for a train to take me back to Dublin in a nice wee pub near Dundalk train station today, I caught the front page of the Dundalk Argus – a newspaper I’d never seen (or heard of) before. The headline story: a memorial to a hunger striker, Brendan Hughes, which was only recently erected […]

Egypt’s revolt on twitter

Let’s be clear: the technological dimension to Egypt’s revolt is not the most interesting aspect. Far more interesting is the actual activities of the people involved, their courage, conviction, and indeed tactics; and what will happen in Egypt now that ‘regime change’ is underway. Nevertheless, many commentators will look back at the Tunisian and Egyptian […]

Geographical metaphors and historical geographies; interviews with Irish writers

In The country and the city, the literary scholar Raymond Williams (1973) wrote about the many ways that British novelists and poets of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries used the opposition of town and country to think about the dilemmas of modernity. Certainly both city and country were transformed by capitalism and industrialism but, argued […]