Egypt’s revolt on twitter

Let’s be clear: the technological dimension to Egypt’s revolt is not the most interesting aspect. Far more interesting is the actual activities of the people involved, their courage, conviction, and indeed tactics; and what will happen in Egypt now that ‘regime change’ is underway.

Nevertheless, many commentators will look back at the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions and note the prevalence of new social networking technologies such as Facebook and Twitter. Both have been central to the organization of protests and movement of information. Below is a cool diagram which tries to show the strength of relationships across Twitter: the bigger the Tweeter’s circle, the more followers they have. [Edit: I found the image here]

Twitter diagram

Alistair Fraser



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  1. Ann Mullen · · Reply

    As I sat at lecture in my 1st year of Human Geog. and Sociology and learned how networking was impacting on people’s lives, I never expected that with in a year I’d see how it has had in such a good and positive response.
    That Image looks great the ‘New Net Work World’.



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