Monthly Archives: March 2011

The spaces of Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Show goes on’

Geographical studies of music often pay attention to the spatial metaphors or ‘imaginaries’ of space and place that flow from song lyrics. As with Jody Randolph’s collection of interviews with modern Irish writers, which Gerry Kearns discusses elsewhere in this blog, it is often possible to detect how musicians ‘use geographical terms to describe the […]

Your mobile phone / your tracking device

The idea that our phones allow us to be tracked (so long as they’re switched on) isn’t all that new, but it might still come as a bit of a shock to see just how closely we are tracked while we go about our business. A Green Party politician in Germany asked Deutshce Telecom to […]

Maps of Japan’s earthquake

[Please see links to various other resources in the comments section below] Lots of amazing data out there about the earthquake in Japan and loads of beautiful maps! Here are some: Above is an “energy map” provided by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which shows the intensity of the tsunami caused by […]