Your mobile phone / your tracking device

The idea that our phones allow us to be tracked (so long as they’re switched on) isn’t all that new, but it might still come as a bit of a shock to see just how closely we are tracked while we go about our business. A Green Party politician in Germany asked Deutshce Telecom to release data on whether he was tracked and found that the company ‘recorded and saved his longitude and latitude coordinates more than 35,000 times‘, providing data that can be mapped:

You can see the above data in action – tracking his movements over a six month period – here. Pretty scary stuff, frankly.  But not entirely surprising.

Alistair Fraser



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  1. […] our civil liberties but so is the possibility that our phones can be used to track our movements as I’ve noted before on this blog. So perhaps the Garda Síochána are giving some thought to what these sorts of technological […]


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