Follow the progress of the Celtic Explorer in the North Atlantic.

The Celtic Explorer in action in heavy seas (courtesy of Scientistsatsea blog)
A research cruise onboard the Marine Institute’s Celtic Explorer vessel, which NUIM Geography Department staff member Steve McCarron was involved in planning, is currently collecting sediment cores from a number of locations on the Irish continental Shelf as part of the INFOMAR research programme . The cores (up to 6m length, collected in waters up to 4-500m deep) will be analysed for their palaeoclimate information content both onboard and at the ISCORF laboratory (part of ICARUS) at NUIM.

Bringing a vibrocore onboard the Celtic Explorer in 2007

You can follow the progress of the ship here.

23/05/2011 – The Cruise has now been completed with significant success.  Little time was lost due to bad weather and swell conditions, resulting in an extensive sampling campaign of the Irish seabed, particulrly on the Porcupine Bank high, and the delivery of a number of sediment cores extracted from targets of possible glacial origin to the NUIM laboratory for analysis and storage.

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