Monthly Archives: September 2011

Occupy Wall Street

Something that has come up twice so far in my Geographies of Globalisation class this semester is the Occupy Wall Street movement. This is a very interesting development because a big (but obviously not the only!) part of trying to think geographically entails identifying objects that don’t seem to fit into a particular location – […]

The geographical imagination of Luka Bloom

There are very many geographical themes and metaphors in the songs of Luka Bloom. (1) If we take Geography as being concerned with, to paraphrase Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859), the study of the Earth as our home and if we follow the common practice of identifying Space, Place, and Environment as the fundamental building blocks […]

Song Maps

“Temiar rain forest dwellers of peninsular Malaysia sing their maps: theoretically, in their epistemology of song composition and performance; melodically, in contours of pitch and phrasing; textually in place-names weighted with memory. They inscribe crucial forms of knowledge in song: medical, personal, social, historical, geographic.” Marina Roseman, ‘Singers of the landscape, p. 106 (1). Songs […]

Geography and Photography: A Recent Example

Geographers can draw upon a range of tools and resources to illuminate spatial processes. These can include statistical datasets, policy documents, historical archives, and literature. In addition to word-based texts, the use of images is also a key way in which geographers make sense of the world. Images never only offer us a glimpse of […]