A geographer is quoted in the New York Times

Let’s face it, it’s unusual to see a geographer quoted in any newspaper, never mind the New York Times, so it’s nice to read a quote from Michael Watts in this article about Nigeria. Watts is based in the University of California, Berkeley and has written extensively about Nigeria (and much else, besides) over the last thirty or so years.

In the NY Times article he’s talking about the impact of oil subsidies in everyday life in Nigeria and in the context of an attempt by the government to remove them.  It’s a fascinating issue, not just in Nigeria but (as the article mentions) throughout the world right now.

Alistair Fraser

ps. worth noting here is that Michael Watts edited the text for Curse of the Black Gold: Fifty years of oil in the Niger Delta, which contains absolutely extraordinary images of what it’s like to live amidst oil production in Nigeria. This is relevant to NUIM students, by the way, because the NUIM library has been given letters and unpublished poems written by Nigerian writer and activist Ken Saro-Wiwa to missionary Sister Majella McCarron from Co. Fermanagh. Read more here.



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  1. Steve McCarron · · Reply

    I had my name in the NY Times too – Nov’ 7th 2011, for finishing the Marathon there admittedly, but still, another geographer in the NY Times…


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