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GATEWAYS update Day 6

A full day’s work in Dunmanus Bay collected more ground truthing information on superficial sediment distributions (continuation of the grab sample programme). Only a restricted area along the southern margin of the Bay (downwind at present) remains to be sampled.  See image below for the track over the last two days (in from the shelf, […]

GATEWAYS update Day 5

Strong (gale force) north-easteries forced the Voyager to tie-up for the day in Castletownbere. The orientation of the Cork embayments (NE/SW, following the Variscan regional metamorphic trend) meant the gales would have funneled down the bays and made working there impossible. Work proceeded on board involving further training on the data acquisition systems, firming of […]

GATEWAYS update Day 4

The crew and science party aboard the RV Celtic Voyager braved 4m swells to sail out onto the Celtic Sea and begin multibeam sonar data collection during the evening of Day 3 (23rd Apr) untill midday Day 4 (24th Apr).  Conditions were not good, but it is a credit to all crew and science party […]

GATEWAYS Activity Update 24th April

On the evening of the 23rd, a plan was agreed to leave the relative shelter of Dunmanus Bay and attempted to capitalise on a small forecast break in the weather and reach a shelf target area (up to 5 are planned if possible). Heavy seas (cyclone induced swells) continue, but multibeam data acquisition at working […]

GATEWAYS Activity Update 23/04/2012

A pre-planned programme of intensive groundthruthing sample collection got underway on the morning of the 23rd April following an overnight sailing west along the coast to Dunmanus Bay, Cork. Dunmanus Bay is the centre of an ongoing researchcollaboration between the Xavi Monteys, INFOMAR (GSI) and the group of Dr Brian Kelleher & Shane O’Reilly of […]

GATEWAYS Activity update for 22/04/2012

Ongoing and anticipated bad weather off Irelands southwestern shores has hampered plans to map landforms on the shelf.  These primary objectives are therefore rested whilst other experiments are conducted and a suitable opportunity arises to venture farther from shore. The campaign began in earnest with the collection of a planned transect of zooplankton samples from […]

GATEWAYS I 2012 Research Cruise on Celtic Voyager underway

Introduction: The GATEWAYS research campaign The GATEWAYS I 2012 cruise, a research collaboration between the Marine Institute (MI)  & Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) (partners in the INFOMAR offshore mapping programme), National University of Ireland Maynooth, OGS (Trieste, Italy Campaign Blog link), University of Ulster, Coastal Marine Resource Centre (UCC) and Trinity College Dublin has […]