GATEWAYS Activity update for 22/04/2012

Ongoing and anticipated bad weather off Irelands southwestern shores has hampered plans to map landforms on the shelf.  These primary objectives are therefore rested whilst other experiments are conducted and a suitable opportunity arises to venture farther from shore.

The campaign began in earnest with the collection of a planned transect of zooplankton samples from the waters immediately south of Cork Harbour, an experiment planned by Dr Aidan O’Donaghue and Dr Tom Doyle, CMRC, UCC.  Aidan joined the ship in Cork on mobilisation day to demonstrate the sampling protocol, but was unfortunately not able to sail as planned for personal reasons.

Following that, the ship relocated to the shelter of Old Head to acquire video and still imagery of any biota agound ion the rocks exposed on the sea floor there.   A very successful series of transects and test of the newly developed video camera platform acquired over 125mB of B&W stills imagery including prolific starfish colonies.  Our sincerest thanks to Adrian Boyle and Eugene of Cathyxocean Ltd. for the supply of lights to allow the imagery capture.

This dataset will be passed to Dr Bob Kennedy (NUIG) and his research group for integration into ongoing groundtruthing of a high resolution INFOMAR bathymetry and acoustic backscatter dataset covering Kinsale Harbour collected in 2010.


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