Monthly Archives: July 2012

Emigration and the GAA: A follow-up

[You can read Ciaran’s original post here.] Having previously provided an overview on the issue of emigration and the GAA, I will now provide an analysis of the results I have gathered from GAA clubs in south Dublin. Through my research I proved that emigration was not just a rural problem but was happening in […]

Sustainable waste management: A follow-up

[This is a follow-up to Gary’s original post on this blog, which you can read here] This blog post is a follow up to an earlier article concerning the move towards sustainable waste management. My final year undergraduate research thesis focused on waste management at the household level. The original focus for my thesis, as […]

Final year thesis reflections

[This is the first of a few follow-up posts written by our now-completed 3rd yr Single Honours / Major students. You can read the first post by Steven here.] The undergraduate thesis was probably one of the most exciting, yet challenging, aspects of my whole three years in Maynooth. It provided an avenue to study, […]