Monthly Archives: September 2012

Recently completed PhD: Ciaran Broderick

We are delighted to note that Ciaran Broderick completed his PhD recently. His thesis was titled ‘Climate change and Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar): changes in flow and freshwater habitat in the Burrishoole catchment.’ Here is his abstract: Climate change is anticipated to impact the flow regime of riverine systems with resultant consequences for the freshwater […]

Recently completed PhD: Stephen Flood

We are delighted to note that Stephen Flood recently completed his PhD, titled ‘Climate Change and Potential Economic Impacts in Ireland: The Case for Adaptation.’ This is his abstract: This thesis explores a number of key economic impacts associated with climate change in Ireland. It begins by examining the idea of climate change as a […]

What are ‘office hours’?

As classes start back up again, most lecturers will be informing students about the times for their ‘office hours’ – but what are office hours? Well, they’re not the only time we’re in our offices, that’s for sure. But they are times when we will be in our office and ready and waiting to see […]