Monthly Archives: October 2012

Italian Earth scientists unfairly prosecuted for failure to ‘predict’ the unpredictable.

The decision by an Italian court to prosecute 6 Italian scientists for failure to ‘predict’ the L’Aquila earthquake in 2009 is a gross example of the misunderstanding of the processes governing earthquake occurrence.  Contrary to this prosecution’s apparent logic, earthquakes are fundamentally, or inherently unpredictable.   All available geological evidence indicates that their prediction in time […]

Bernadette: Notes on A Political Journey

Tomorrow, Tuesday, 9 October, Maynooth students have a great opportunity to see an important film about the important role young people can play in politics. At 8pm in the IONTAS Theatre on North Campus, the film Bernadette: Notes on A Political Journey (2011), directed by Irish artist Lelia Doolan, will be shown as part of […]

Neil Smith RIP

Neil Smith, a Scottish revolutionary socialist geographer, died last week. I didn’t know him much at all and so I cannot say much more than this: like many others, I admired his spirit, his work, his thinking.  He made a lasting impression on the discipline of Geography and on many others beyond our little community. […]