Meet the department: Steven Lucas

[Latest in a series introducing you to people working in the Dept of Geography here at NUI Maynooth. This week, Steven Lucas, PhD student]

What do you most enjoy doing in the dept?

Reading books, tutoring (not the correcting part though).

What book are you currently reading?

The Test of Courage – Michel Thomas – Christopher Robbins. It’s the biography of a Jewish fighter in the French resistance during WWII. He went on to become a language teacher to the stars after the war.

What’s your favourite website? Replete with pure waffle sometimes – but its entertaining at least, even if some of the writers know next to nothing about football.

What TV show are you watching?

Bones. Although, I’ve only gotten back into it. Films are easier because you don’t have to keep up with them from week to week. And there’s a gluttony of good stuff going through the cinema at the moment. Gangster Squad is great entertainment. Looking forward to Django.

What music are you currently listening to?

Whatever’s on the radio. Parts of the soundtrack from the latest Batman film are pretty good as well – can’t beat Hans Zimmer.
If you could change one thing in NUI Maynooth, what would it be? Lift the ban on hot drinks on the upper floors of the library. Don’t ask how anyone is supposed to study without coffee.

What’s the worst job you’ve had?

Cleaning pots when I was in my 5th year of school. It was bearable during the school year because I was usually only in on Saturdays. But during that summer (when most of the normal staff was on holidays) I was working practically full-time – tedious stuff. Besides the fact that it was busy and messy, I was fairly isolated at the sink for most of the day as well. Nevertheless, you wont find anyone better at washing off burnt-in porridge or scrambled egg 😀

Soapbox or Pet Peeves

Noisy people in the cinema.


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