Monthly Archives: February 2013

Meet the department: Ronan Foley

[Latest in this growing series of posts. This week, meet Ronan Foley] What do you most enjoy doing in the dept? Feeling that something you taught a student has actually helped them get a job or a start in their life beyond college. What book are you currently reading? Currently re-reading Josef Skvorecky’s The Cowards […]

The odd foodscape

I think the foodscape is really quite odd. We produce food in almost unimaginable ways. And food production entails the making of some bizarre, even frightening ┬áplaces and spaces. Watch the video below and I’m sure you will agree: Alistair Fraser

Meet the department: Irene Morris

[Latest in this series. This week, Irene Morris, one of the department’s PhD students] What do you most enjoy doing in the department? Is it wrong to say tea breaks in ICARUS? Obviously I love doing my research but you always learn so much about other peoples work and have some really great debates over […]

AIDS and its metaphors

When a new epidemic emerged in 1981. People struggled to make sense both of its novelty and of its implications. One of the ways that people tried to make sense of AIDS was to see it through the lens of standard epidemiological models of contagious disease. In this respect AIDS was seen as something that […]