Meet the department: Ronan Foley

[Latest in this growing series of posts. This week, meet Ronan Foley]

What do you most enjoy doing in the dept?
Feeling that something you taught a student has actually helped them get a job or a start in their life beyond college.

What book are you currently reading?
Currently re-reading Josef Skvorecky’s The Cowards which I loved as a boy undergrad and curious to see if it still means anything. Chimamanda Adichie’s Half of the Yellow Sun was another great recent read.

What’s your favourite blog?
What – you mean that thing that frustrated would-be journalists and academics who love the sight of their own thoughts do?

What TV show are you watching?
Like most people I graze-gaze rather than meaningfully watch though that gaze usually ends up resting on BBC4. Quite liked the first Killing series but haven’t got round to looking at the other two yet. I do watch Corrie as well though.

What music are you currently listening to?
Some great new bands/artists coming out of Africa – Makoomba, Baloji, Samuel Yirga and anything out of the Quantic stable from Colombia/Panama – plus a deep and abiding love of Leo Kottke’s guitar.

Do you have a hidden talent?
I was a finalist on the first ever televised geography quiz series in the UK – it was called National Geographic’s Geo-Genius – a sad programme with a sad name and even sadder participants. I also have a National Hurling League Winners Medal from Centenary Year in 1984!

What one object would you bring to a desert island?
A slim mp3 player with enormous storage capacity and a built in solar battery.

If you could change one thing in NUI Maynooth, what would it be?
… the presence of a proper water feature on Campus and an inter-departmental mixed volleyball tournament and picnic in the summer!

What’s the worst job you’ve had?
Doing piecework stacking turf in the bogs of Laois – my idle hands were not meant for honest toil and I earned tiny amounts of money for large amounts of effort. It encouraged me to become an academic in later life where of course (if one is to believe most Irish newspapers) the opposite now applies.

Soapbox or Pet Peeves
Though I did cycle a lot myself, cyclists who believe red lights, pedestrian-only paths and all rules associated with traffic control somehow don’t apply to them in any way or form.


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