Why geographic knowledge is more important than ever

ImageGeographic education has been undervalued at American universities, which has left the workforce without contextual knowledge that would assist data visualization efforts, writes Kirk Goldsberry, an assistant professor of geography at Michigan State University. “Recommitting to a geography curriculum in both our high schools and universities will be crucial to effectively developing a generation of great data visualizers who can tackle our challenges,” he writes. Read more in the Havard Business Review online/HBR Blog Network



  1. Gerry Kearns · · Reply

    Given that Harvard was the place where in closing down Geography in 1948, the University president said “geography is not a university subject,” the place of publication for this article on high school and university geography seems particularly appropriate. Gerry Kearns


  2. Sometimes I wonder if the devaluation of geography is not intentional in order to isolate the population? Do those in power truly want a nation of visualizers who can see and think clearly about the ideas they are presented with? The term ‘GPS’ is on the lips of many people now thanks to commercial products but a far cry from having a world view that is the perspective of many as opposed to one. The list of benefits could go on and on.


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