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Rivers and towns. A guest blog on the Exploration of Water

For Geography Awareness Week, a historical geography of Irish rivers and their towns from the Irish Historic Towns Atlas

Geography and Elections – Studying voter turnout levels at the 2013 Seanad Referendum

Adrian Kavanagh, 19th November 2013 Some of you may be aware that I am mainly an electoral geographer. What makes me different from political scientists? Well my main focus in studying electoral trends and behaviour is on studying how trends and behaviours differ between areas, or places, and as a result my main unit of […]

Water and Maynooth: Resources, Networks and Aesthetics

For this week of Geographical Awareness, the Geographical Society of Ireland has proposed that we think a little more about Water. It is in fact striking how important the engineering of water has been for the historical development of our own town of Maynooth. In Maynooth there are six significant water features: Ryewater, the river […]