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What’s in a name? What’s in the landscape?

The Irish landscape is full of unrecorded placenames, part of a hidden local placelore which is being slowly recovered in many parts of the country.  The Field Names of County Meath, published last year, is an example of such a voluntary community project. The work of Tim Robinson is an outstanding example of one man’s […]

Effective reading: Five tips

To do well in university, students need to think about how they might read effectively.  Here are five tips: 1. Find a time and place that suits you. Read when you have time to concentrate in a quiet but well-lit place. Tucked up in bed on a cold Tuesday night might be best. Nursing a […]

Spatial Justice

On Monday 29 September, 13.00, at the Royal Irish Academy, Dawson st, Dublin, The RIA and the Geographical Society of Ireland will host a lecture by Professor John Mohan, Director of the Third Sector Research Centre, University of Birmingham, UK. The title of his talk is “Charity deserts, spatial justice, and the distribution of voluntary […]


Thanks for stopping by. The content here has been imported from a previous blog (it’s here) called ‘NUIM Geography’s Eye on the World’. That ‘NUIM’ thing? That was our old name, National University of Ireland Maynooth. We’re still the same old Department of Geography, but our institution is now called Maynooth University, hence we’ve re-launched the […]