Monthly Archives: October 2014

Study tips for videos and beyond

Study week has arrived! Time for a well needed breather no doubt. But also – as the name implies – a chance to catch up on some study. Lectures are just one part of a University education. They can provide an overview of key ideas covered in the course and a series of examples that […]

The new MA in Geography at Maynooth

A unique MA in Geography was launched by Maynooth University 25 September 2014. The MA has currently 30 civil society partners who are working in collaboration with Department of Geography staff to offer students opportunities to learn about ‘real world geographies’ in Ireland and beyond, by inviting students to directly learn about their ongoing research […]

Jabscreened Campus

I’ve been away from campus for about a year. It feels like I’ve returned to a new place. Smartphone use on campus has boomed, or so it seems. The campus has been jabscreened. Before, there were lots of iPhone users, a good few users of other smartphones. But now, wow. Outside buildings such as Hume […]