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The 2016 Rio Olympic Games: A Geographical Perspective on Medal Win Levels

Adrian Kavanagh(An updated version of this blog post may be viewed on Adrian Kavanagh’s blog site.) The 2016 (Summer) Olympic Games concluded last night in Rio de Janeiro. Trends observed at previous Summer Games in terms of medal wins/success levels were also observed at the Rio Games, although there were some notable deviations from these […]

A Geographical Overview of (Summer) Olympic Game medal win levels (1896-2012)

Adrian Kavanagh (An updated¬†version of this post may be viewed on Adrian Kavanagh blog site.) The (modern) Olympic Games have been in existence since 1896, with the Summer Games having been held every four years since then with the notable exceptions of 1916, 1940 and 1944, when the Games had to be cancelled due to […]