Fifty Doctors at Maynooth Geography


Dr Shaun Harrigan and family, 9 September 2016

The Department of Geography at Maynooth dates back to 1972.[i] The first doctoral student, Séamus Lafferty, graduated in 2000 and with the graduation today, 9 September 2016, of Shaun Harrigan, the Department graduates its fiftieth doctoral student. Maynooth has been in the vanguard of developing geographical doctoral research in Ireland, with the development of a structured PhD programme calibrated according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, and most recently with the development of a thesis-by-publication programme.[ii] We continue to monitor our programme and welcome the engagement of our students in developing our understanding of effective ways to nurture doctoral research.[iii] A time will come for analysis and reflection, but not today. Today we are delighted to do no more than congratulate and celebrate our fifty Geography doctors (see list below) and we commend their supervisors, examiners, fellow students, and the wider geographical community that has brought the programme at Maynooth this far. Well done. We are very proud,

Gerry Kearns

Professor of Geography

Head of Geography


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  50. Harrigan, Shaun (2016) Exploring the hydroclimatology of floods: From detection to attribution. [online]


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[ii] Rob Kitchin, ‘Undertaking PhD research in human geography in Ireland,’ GeoJournal 80:2 (2015) 239-242.

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