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Ireland and the British Isles

Is Ireland in the British Isles? The Oxford English Dictionary seems clear. It tells us that the British Isles is: A group of islands, including Britain, Ireland (Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland), the Isle of Man, the Hebrides, the Orkney Islands, the Shetland Islands, the Isles of Scilly, and the Channel Islands, lying […]

Donald Trump, Uneven Development, and Embedded Revanchism

Krzysztof Wodiczko, Homeless Vehicle, 1988 (Source: ‘Some things have to be done that are going to be ultimately very good for the city.” Donald Trump, 28th February, 1997 Neoliberal urbanization, and its ‘common sense logic’, has many spatial articulations. These range from high-rise condominiums offering an exquisite privatized life, to seductive advertising hoardings, and […]

Keep Digging Until You Hit Bones: Exception, Invisibility, and Trump’s America

Norman Rockwell, Freedom from Want (1943) “He who seeks to approach his own buried past must conduct himself like a man digging.” – Walter Benjamin, “Excavation and Memory”        One of the more prominent and disturbing advisors to president-elect Donald Trump is Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (currently under consideration for a high Cabinet […]

Was Hillary Clinton ‘abandoned’ by women voters?

Claire McGing, Department of Geography, Maynooth University Hillary Clinton’s defeat to Donald Trump in the recent presidential election came as a shock to many voters and observers. This was especially the case for those (myself included) who believed they were about to bear witness to history and, 96 years after American women won the right […]

Trump versus Clinton in the 2016 US Presidential Election: Disproportionality and the Electoral College

Adrian Kavanagh, 21st November 2016 Adrian Kavanagh is on Twitter – follow him at @adriankavanagh Another version of this post was published on the website on the 18th November 2016 (and will be subsequently updated as final election figures come in for the remaining states). With the dust now settling following the conclusion of the very-very-long 2016 […]

Let’s Talk about Trump: Introduction to a Series of Blog Posts

On the morning of the 9th of November, when word was rapidly spreading that Donald Trump had been voted as the next U.S. President, The Department of Geography quickly organized an event entitled #LetsTalkAboutTrump. The event consisted of presentations from Geographers Adrian Kavanagh, Karen Till, and Claire McGing and promoted discussion among the audience of […]

Exploring the Power of Parks in Maynooth

 For Geography Awareness Week this year, we’ve been invited to consider the power of parks, to explore them and appreciate them for their worth. Getting to know the places we are from and the places beyond, we are exploring and discovering; our awareness is nurtured and we explore progressively further in time and space. Journeying […]

The optimal route to visit every county in Ireland (by car and bike)

If you’ve ever wanted to visit every county in Ireland by car, while taking in one of the area’s major attractions, then look no further: I have calculated the optimal route to visit a major place of interest in every county on the island of Ireland. You can see the interactive version here. The map […]