The Law, Geography, Business, MHS, Media, and Anthropology Societies are calling YOU to take action! Ibrahim Halawa, is an Irish student, who is being illegally detained in an Eygyptian prison, after being caught up in a riot which broke out following a peaceful protest three years ago.


We are asking you to stop by the arts block on Thursday 8th December, ahead of International Human Rights Day (Saturday 10th December), to take part in an ongoing photoshoot to raise awareness for his situation as well as signing postcards / petition demanding his release. The photo and signature will take no more than two minutes. Please come along and show your support for our fellow Irish student.https://www.facebook.com/events/1302746653079670/

Ibrahim Halawa was first detained in August 2013, at the age of 17. He (along with his sisters, who were also arrested but released after 3 months) was visiting family, as they do every Summer.

Ibrahim faces a mass trial alongside 493 other defendants, which cannot meet the standards required for a fair trial as defined under international human rights law. There is no credible evidence against him and he has not been charged to date.

On 12th November there was another adjournment in Ibrahim’s trial, as Egypt continues to ignore its obligations under both Egyptian and international human rights law. Ibrahim faces a possible death penalty if something is not done. Amnesty International has declared Ibrahim a Prisoner of Conscience, based on its own eyewitness evidence that he could not have carried out the acts he is accused of.

Today’s delay, the sixteenth, further prolongs Ibrahim’s horrific ordeal. He has been imprisoned for 1182 days living in truly horrific conditions in an Egyptian prison cell, without access to proper medical care. In recent years, both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have detailed the horrific use of torture by the Egyptian security forces and in Egyptian prisons. Letters from Ibrahim catalogues a series of grave human rights abuses which we must take seriously,” – said Fiona Crowley, Research and Legal Manager with Amnesty International Ireland, 12th November 2016.

The continuing imprisonment of this young Irish citizen is a violation of both international and Egyptian law. Ibrahim is one of 494 defendants facing a grossly unfair mass trial, which makes it almost impossible for his lawyers to mount a meaningful defence. Amnesty International remains gravely concerned for his physical and mental wellbeing. We reiterate our call for his immediate and unconditional release and urge the Irish Government to continue their work on his behalf and to use every means at their disposal to secure his release,” said Fiona Crowley.  

In a recent letter Ibrahim wrote to his family, which they have published, Ibrahim said:

“Ireland I really want to complain to you about the people my parents voted for, to protect me in any land and under any sky, and have failed to bring me back to you…I’m lusting to walk on the sand of Bray beach, scramming freedom from the top of cliffs Moher…and that kind bus driver on the daily commute, smiling at me even though he does not know me… can’t understand, I just can’t understand why they have kidnapped me away from you. So young I was while you were teaching me how to live, laugh, love and care. But they have taken me away before you had the time to teach me how to struggle, how to deal with evil and hatred…

One final wish, I beg if I die away from you, take me back from them to be buried in your soil and feel your goodbye tears.”

His trial has been rescheduled for December 13th. This is also his 21st birthday…

 What did you do for your 21st?

#FreeIbrahim #HopeForIbrahim


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