Maynooth at the Conference of Irish Geographers

If you are based in Maynooth, you may notice that many of us are absent on Thursday and Friday this week. We are at the annual Conference of Irish Geographers, hosted by our colleagues at University College Cork. And, so that we can all organise our time and support colleagues and friends, I have made my usual digest of Maynooth papers at the conference – apologies if there are any I have missed. Drop me a line and I will correct this blog.
Gerry Kearns

Thursday 4 May
Session 1 (11.00-12.30)
Session 1a
Housing crisis, neoliberalism and the right to the city (Chair: Philip Lawton)
1. Michael Murphy: Financing and planning the suburbs in post crash Ireland.
2. Rory Hearne: Post-crisis financialisation and the Right to the City in Dublin
4. Mary Broe: Respecting the traditional use of gathering places in ‘Place Making’

Session 1b
Supporting Women in Geography (SWIG) Ireland Roundtable
Panellists (include): Karen Till; Lidia Manzo; Rachel McArdle; Aoife Delaney.

Session 2 (13:40 – 15:10)
Session 2a
Temporality in the city (1) (Chair: Philip Lawton)
1. Rachel Mc Ardle and Aoife Delaney: Temporality and emergencies
3. Joe Robinson: The Past is Never Dead: Bloody Sunday after the Inquiry

Session 2b
Art and Geography (1): Navigating Spaces of Transgression
3. Aoife Kavanagh: ‘Building, Sustaining and Navigating Musical Ecologies of Place in Irish Towns’

Session 2c
Regimes of energy citizenship (2): Thinking beyond market driven paradigms
4. Irene Morris: Environmentalities and the spatial impacts of residential energy policies on Ireland’s energy landscape

Session 3 (15:25 – 16:55)
Session 3c
Art and Geography (2): Disruptive Practices: Occupying Difficult Spaces (Chair: Karen Till)
1. Gerry Kearns: ‘A Platform for Art’
3. Gisele Eugenia Connell: ‘Counter-cartographies of “Place” in a community AIDS Quilt’

Friday 5th May
Session 4 (09:00 – 10:30)
Session 4a
Infrastructural States (1)
2. Caspar Menkman: The smart meter in parenthesis: the ontological politics of the device

Session 4b
Legal Geographies in Ireland
2. Sasha Marks Brown: Evidence and Absence in Investigating the Irish Refugee Appeals Tribunal Archives
3. Louise Sarsfield Collins: Echoing through the years: an exploration of the lasting legacy of the Offences Against the Person Act, 1861

Session 4d
Earth Observation developments in physical geography
2. Conor Cahalane, Dáire Walsh and Tim McCarthy: Slick Feature Mapping

Session 5 (11:00 – 12:30)
Session 5a
Infrastructural States (2)
Mark Boyle and Andrew McLelland: The contested values which undergird inventorising infrastructure as heritage

Session 6 (13:30 – 15:00)
Session 6a
Infrastructural States (3)
3. Darren O’Rourke: Power relations and spatialised discourse in acute hospital reconfiguration in Ireland

Session 6b
Art and Geography (3): Alternative Engagements: Counter-Mappings (Chair: Gerry Kearns)

Session 7 (15:20 – 16:50)
Session 7a
Formatting urban policy: Urban policy mobilities in Ireland and beyond (Chair: Karen Till)
1. Philip Lawton: ‘Between Slow Transfer and Fast Mediation: The case of the ‘The Quito Papers”
3. Rob Kitchin, Claudio Coletta, Leighton Evans, and Liam Heaphy: The multiscale circuits of smart cities policy mobility
4. Mark Boyle: Governing Policy transfer in the EU – the case of Urbact III

Session 7b
Healthy Natures
2. Olodunsin Arodudu, Ronan Foley, Michael Brennan, Gerald Mills, Tine Ningal, Malachy Bradley: Green-Blue Infrastructures: A Health-Led Approach.

Saturday 6th May
Session 8a
Lived Spaces of Austerity (1)
1. Lidia Manzo and Sinéad Kelly: Lived experiences of resistance and solidarity among working-class communities in Dublin’s post-crash gentrification.
2. Rory Hearne: The Irish Water War: Ireland’s Delayed Anti-Austerity Movement & New Spaces of Contentious Politics in Ireland.
3. Cian O’Callaghan and Cesare Di Feliciantonio: Subjectivity and the situated (re)production of urbanization through contested vacancy, housing and homelessness in post-crisis Dublin.

Session 8c
Electoral Geography (Chair: Claire McGing/Adrian Kavanagh)
1. Adrian Kavanagh: The Eurovision Song Contest: Voting Patterns, Politics and Geography
2. Caoilfhionn D’arcy: Best of both worlds? Identity, Place and Politics in the election campaigning of Sinn Féin
3. Claire McGing: Political parties and women’s recruitment as Dáil Éireann candidates, 2011-2016: the impact of localism
4. William Durkan: Political Disengagement, Under-Representation, and Spaces of Neglect in the
Current Political System

Session 8d
Disruptions and the Urban Environment
4. Niall Buckley, Gerald Mills and Rowan Fealy: The geography of Dublin’s building stock and energy demand

Session 9 (11:20 – 12:50)
Session 9b
Life post-PhD
Panellists (include): Rory Hearne

Session 9c
Contemporary Geographies
2. Mary Gilmartin and Patricia Burke Wood: Bordering citizenship: Ireland, Britain and Brexit
3. Chris Brunsdon and Martin Charlton: Using animations to visualise correlation structures in
multivariate spatial data
5. Shelagh Waddington: What is primary geography and who knows about it?

Thursday to Saturday at Glucksman Gallery

Land~Edge, an exhibition by John Sunderland, will be presented in the Glucksman Gallery, UCC during the days of the conference. Curated by Karen Till


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