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Maynooth Geography undergraduate study of microplastics in Irish marine sediments makes it to international publication.

What began in 2017 as fieldwork for a first year Maynooth Geography student Oisín Ó Briain has ended up as a peer-reviewed scientific article in the open access international journal ‘Water Research’: In a study co-designed with Dr Stephen McCarron of the Geography Department, Oisin went on to conduct fieldwork over several seasons in […]

The Irish Seafloor: Out of sight, out of mind?

The following is a guest post by Kieran Craven, a Post-Doctoral Researcher in the Department of Geography who also now works at the Geological Survey of Ireland. It is said that we know more about the surface of the Moon, than we do about our own planet’s ocean floors.Globally, the ocean floor has been mapped […]

Follow the progress of the Celtic Explorer in the North Atlantic.

A research cruise onboard the Marine Institute’s Celtic Explorer vessel, which NUIM Geography Department staff member Steve McCarron was involved in planning, is currently collecting sediment cores from a number of locations on the Irish continental Shelf as part of the INFOMAR research programme . The cores (up to 6m length, collected in waters up […]