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Maynooth @ the AAG 2017

The conference of the American Association of Geographers is the largest gathering of academic geographers in the English-speaking world and this year in Boston USA (5-9 April) it: [W]ill feature over 6,900 presentations, posters, workshops, and field trips by leading scholars, experts, and researchers. (AAG, About the Meeting) This time there are ten of us going […]


Signing up for a participatory methods class can be a little daunting, but is also a wonderful learning experience. In this post, Louise Sarsfield Collins – an Irish Research Council funded PhD Candidate in the Department of Geography at Maynooth University – reflects on her experiences working on a public engagement research project with other […]

Recently completed PhD: Elaine Burroughs

We are delighted to note that Elaine Burroughs has just completed her PhD here in Geography. He dissertation was titled ‘Irish institutional disocurses of illegal immigration: a Critical Discourse Analysis approach’ . Below is a summary of her work: The dissertation examines illegal immigration in the Irish context. The principal aim is to investigate how […]

Emigration and the GAA: A follow-up

[You can read Ciaran’s original post here.] Having previously provided an overview on the issue of emigration and the GAA, I will now provide an analysis of the results I have gathered from GAA clubs in south Dublin. Through my research I proved that emigration was not just a rural problem but was happening in […]

How is emigration affecting the GAA? A case study of south Dublin clubs

[Note: This is the third of nine guest blog posts written by our 3rd yr Single Hons / Major students. Please feel free to comment!] The issue of emigration has been ever present in the media since the downturn of the Irish economy. Documentaries such as ‘Departure day’ and ‘Arrivals’ on RTÉ have presented the […]


Can someone be placeless? Is there such a thing as placelessness? Is placelessness a virtue? From a recent New York Times article: “There is a modern myth that globalization is new. But the world has integrated before, disintegrated in war, and integrated fitfully again […] What is arguably new is the influence of the placeless […]

From cultural geography to a Pulitzer Prize

Cultural geography can bring you notoriety, fame and critical acclaim. Ask Jonathan Gold, winner of a Pulitzer Prize for criticism in 2007. Gold won the prize for his restaurant reviews, spanning 25 years of eating and writing in Los Angeles. Unlike many restaurant reviewers, concerned with haute cuisine and Michelin stars, Gold explores the entirety […]