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Study tips for videos and beyond

Study week has arrived! Time for a well needed breather no doubt. But also – as the name implies – a chance to catch up on some study. Lectures are just one part of a University education. They can provide an overview of key ideas covered in the course and a series of examples that […]

Water and Maynooth: Resources, Networks and Aesthetics

For this week of Geographical Awareness, the Geographical Society of Ireland has proposed that we think a little more about Water. It is in fact striking how important the engineering of water has been for the historical development of our own town of Maynooth. In Maynooth there are six significant water features: Ryewater, the river […]

The 2013 Failed States Index

A number of African and other Developing World states can be portrayed by some commentators as soft states. In commenting on these, political geographer Richard Muir (1997: 204) notes that “while their boundaries may still define the state in de jure terms, they delimit a hollow shell which central authority is unable to fill”.  States that had […]

The move towards sustainable waste management

[This is yet another guest post written by one of the dept’s 3rd yr Sngle Hons / Major students. Please feel free to add constructive comments] The importance of waste management in Ireland is often ignored. For many years Ireland’s solution to waste was to bury it in the ground. We have had an over-reliance […]

Surface Tension: The Future of Water

Launched on October 20th and running until January 20th, 2012, the exhibition entitled Surface Tension: The Future of Water is now on at the Science Gallery in Trinity College Dublin. It’s free to enter and worth having a look at if you are hanging around waiting for a train at Pearse Station and have time […]

A sugar shortage in India

The planting decisions of small-scale farmers are increasingly bound up with the vagaries of the global commodities markets. So what happens on the land in a place such as India – where the agrarian economy is central to the lives of half of its 1.1 billion people – is closely connected with what happens in […]

Resource wars?

Another pipeline story, this time in Mayo. At this moment, Shell are attempting to bring an undersea gas pipeline to land in Broadhaven Bay, but there is widescale opposition. This Guardian video, The price of gas, has recent images from protests in Erris, including some disturbing shots of injuries to one of the protestors, Willie […]