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Border boosting

Geography students: read David Harvey. Read and learn about Harvey’s view of geography and capitalism [or watch and learn about Harvey’s view of geography]. And bear in mind that Harvey’s work – albeit alongside the work of many other geographers – has helped put the discipline ‘on the map’. Ok, lecture over! One of David […]

Retail geography: Where do we shop?

“Retail geography” is one of those daily geographies we all practice: where to buy bread, milk, shoes, jeans, a book? Ireland’s retail geography has changed in recent years with numerous new shopping centres having been constructed. But according to an article in the Irish Times commercial property section – yes, us geographers read all sorts […]

Every little helps!

Few retailers attract as much everyday media attention as Tesco. The retail giant is one of the largest in the world, so news stories about its activities have global appeal. But Tesco is also so prominent in numerous countries around the world, including Ireland, that stories (such as about its role in the centre of […]