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Thinking geographically about Joyce’s ‘An Encounter’

Published in 1914, ‘An Encounter’ is a short story in Joyce’s Dubliners. An unnamed narrator remembers a day from his past when he and two young school friends long for freedom and escape; they “hunger for wild sensations,” driven by tales of the Wild West, cowboys and Indians. They make a plan to mitch from […]

Great Irish Times Op-Ed by new Maynooth geographer

An important article written by Dr. Patrick Bresnihan, newly appointed to the department, and Patrick Brodie, PhD candidate in Concordia University, Montreal, was published in last week’s Irish Times. The article describes how the environmental & infrastructural footprint of Ireland’s data centres is enabled by state planning and the investment and tax system. Tech companies […]


Introduction This is the second of a series of three blogs about doing research with Masters students on the social geography of the Lower Sheriff Street area within Dublin. The first of the blogs was on the use of maps to study urban topography. This blog is about the use of historical sources to reconstruct […]

Making Art and Making Place: Reflecting on the story of the Carlow Sugar Factory

This post discusses ‘Ex-Machina’, a film by Frances Hegarty and Andrew Stones, and ‘Carlow Sugar Factory’, a collection of photography by P.L. Curran, both of which are currently being exhibited at VISUAL Centre for the Contemporary Arts in Carlow until 22 October 2016. Below, Aoife Kavanagh explores the stories these art works convey, and how […]

Performing the Nation-State: Political Geographies of Irish Step Dance

This is a guest post by Gisele O’Connell, one of our postgrad students. Speaking on the potentialities of the performative body to confront cultural nihilism, Friedrich Nietzsche (1968:462) was once adamant that “we do not yet know what bodies can do.” Given the productive possibilities for bodies to radically transform social space, what, then, could […]

Questioning Racism: Bodies and Landscape

In this blog post, PhD student, Ambra Gatto Bergamasco, who is completing a PhD in NIRSA, describes her new project that uses dance as a vehicle for exploring issues about bodies, places and racism. She recently won an Artist in the Community Research and Development award from Create (the National Development Agency for Collaborative Arts). The award […]

Performing a Place of Ireland’s Past: Reflections on an ANU performance

This is the second of a series of posts written by Geography postgraduates who participated in creative workshops run by performance and visual artists as part of the MA in Geography. This first set of blogs includes student responses to PALS – The Irish at Gallipoli, a performance by the place-based theatre group ANU, which […]