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Maynooth at the Conference of Irish Geographers

If you are based in Maynooth, you may notice that many of us are absent on Thursday and Friday this week. We are at the annual Conference of Irish Geographers, hosted by our colleagues at University College Cork. And, so that we can all organise our time and support colleagues and friends, I have made […]

Donald Trump, Uneven Development, and Embedded Revanchism

Krzysztof Wodiczko, Homeless Vehicle, 1988 (Source: ‘Some things have to be done that are going to be ultimately very good for the city.” Donald Trump, 28th February, 1997 Neoliberal urbanization, and its ‘common sense logic’, has many spatial articulations. These range from high-rise condominiums offering an exquisite privatized life, to seductive advertising hoardings, and […]

‘Squat City’ evicted again in August 2016: The battle over the Grangegorman Squat in Dublin

From 2013 to 2016, ‘Squat City’ at Grangegorman was a hub of activity and a spring for the squatting movement in Dublin. After the final closure of the squat in August 2016, Rachel Mc Ardle- an IRC-funded PhD student (#LoveIrishResearch) in the Department of Geography and the National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA)- […]

The White Lady Beckons

As you stroll along the streets of Dublin, enjoying the window displays during this holiday season, you might notice a reclining female figurine. Earlier this year, artist Kathryn Maguire worked with the young people of Sherriff Street to explore this particular Dublin phenomenon, and asked me to write a short piece about the Lady of […]

Study tips for videos and beyond

Study week has arrived! Time for a well needed breather no doubt. But also – as the name implies – a chance to catch up on some study. Lectures are just one part of a University education. They can provide an overview of key ideas covered in the course and a series of examples that […]

Re-learning the city

I’m probably a bit behind in this regard – I’ve only just joined the ‘smartphone’ club – but in the context of Dublin, where I live, I’m not too late to the game. In the last few months there have been some decent developments in Dublin’s ‘app’ scene (‘apps’ are applications or small software programs […]

A political walking tour

“It is almost unbelievable that just 1% of the population, roughly 40,000 people, control more than a third of the wealth of the state. This one statistic tells you all you need to know about modern Ireland. How can there be any hope of a better future for the children of this country when the […]