John Sweeney is Emeritus Professor at the Irish Climate Analysis and Research Units (ICARUS), Department of Geography, Maynooth University. John contributed to the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. He has regularly attended at the Climate talks held under the UN Framework Convention […]

Scraping, to state this quite formally, is a prominent technique for the automated collection of online data” (Marres and Weltevrede, 2013) As online databases become increasingly ubiquitous and critical to infrastructure and basic services, there has been a push back by researchers and activists attempting, in the first place, to make these databases more transparent […]

Factories all over Ireland throw away huge amounts of perfectly re-usable waste from the factory floor. Dross Evolution (a group of group of nationally- and internationally-recognized Irish artists) work to keep these sorts of materials out of our landfill sites by using them to create a wide variety of quality Art and Design products. They have […]

I sometimes go for a charge (i.e. a walk, a ramble) over some hills in the south of Glasgow. The view can be spectacular. The city of Glasgow to the north, the Firth of Clyde to the west. But the grandest feature of all (ha, take that Ben Lomond) is Whitelee wind farm. There are […]

I don’t exactly dream of a day when all academic outlets agree on one referencing format, but I certainly wish we might get there. I know there are academics who use referencing software – you well-organized (smug?) types – who probably find immense (geeky?) pleasure in quickly putting together a bibliography or tweaking citations. But […]

From the unpublished household returns of the 1901 census, accessed online via the website of the National Archive, we learn that the residents of houses 4-10 Emerald Street, came from a range of counties including Dublin, Meath, Tipperary, Wicklow, Waterford, Mayo and Antrim , with one house, number 6, having inhabitants drawn from England. The […]

“The Area: A Dublin Dance Map” is a 25 minute film (Ireland 2013) in which the Macushla Dance Club for the over 50s work with professional dance artist Ríonach Ní Neill and filmmaker Joe Lee to reclaim a section of Dublin city though dance and the sharing of their life stories. I was privileged to […]