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China’s impact in Europe and ‘the new globalization’

Amidst all the doom and gloom in this part of the world, much of which is closely associated with a global scale shift in power as the East rises and the West continues its decline, it is an odd paradox that ‘peripheral’ places in Europe are pinning their hopes of recovery on investment from China. […]

The new new international division of labour

The old story about the changing geography of production noted that, while labour-intensive production could be relocated from industrial areas of the ‘north’ to export processing zones or border towns in the ‘global south’, research and development (R&D) would stay in the ‘north’. So, part of the colonial division of labour was broken down by […]


For geography tech-geeks, Danny O’Brien’s weekly Wired column in the Irish Times is essential reading. His work often highlights some fascinating aspects of the place of technology in contemporary society, aspects which geographers can often use to develop how they understand technological geographies. This week O’Brien draws attention to China’s so-called ‘patriotic hackers’: the “roving […]

Death stars, Lego, and China’s YouTube ban

The video web site, YouTube, is banned in China. For The Irish Times correspondent, Cliffard Coonan, the ban leaves him isolated, unaware of new developments, and frustrated. His son’s favourite video, embedded below, is unavailable to him. Now China wants to ban Twitter, one of the technologies which helped Irish school students spread the word […]