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The 2013 Failed States Index

A number of African and other Developing World states can be portrayed by some commentators as soft states. In commenting on these, political geographer Richard Muir (1997: 204) notes that “while their boundaries may still define the state in de jure terms, they delimit a hollow shell which central authority is unable to fill”.  States that had […]

Border boosting

Geography students: read David Harvey. Read and learn about Harvey’s view of geography and capitalism [or watch and learn about Harvey’s view of geography]. And bear in mind that Harvey’s work – albeit alongside the work of many other geographers – has helped put the discipline ‘on the map’. Ok, lecture over! One of David […]

Carroll’s City: Mapping the Zoe developments

Property bubbles. Property crashes. Ghost estates. Nama (or is it now the SPV?). The Bludget. The Tiger crisis. Any need to continue? Probably not. You get the picture: Ireland’s woe. One critical actor in the story is Liam Carroll, the man behind Zoe Developments. According to Frank MacDonald, an Irish Times journalist, Carroll was the […]

(More) geographies of the crash

‘The places likely to suffer most from the crash…are the ones least associated with high finance’. So writes Richard Florida in the Atlantic Monthly. Florida suggests that New York, the financial centre of the US, and Washington DC, its administrative centre, are unlikely to be significantly damaged by the economic downturn. Instead, he argues that […]

The geographies of ghost estates

Ghost estates – half finished, mostly empty, still for sale. They are one of the most visible legacies of the Celtic Tiger, and they are littered across the Irish landscape. This new website shows the emerging geographies of ghost estates, with concentrations in the contracting commuter belts of Dublin, Galway and Cork. This, we suspect, […]

The costly legacy of ignoring economic geographies

A piece in the New York Times discusses prospects for the housing market in the US. It offers little hope of any impending recovery in the US housing market, despite all the talk of “green shoots.” As a consequence, it expects further pressure on the banking industry and the financial markets as increasing numbers of […]

Erin go…

Geography can lay some claim to Paul Krugman’s fame (he recently was awarded a Nobel Prize) because geographic issues have been at the heart of his innovations in Economic theory. Krugman’s “geographical imagination” has attracted some attention in the last few days after his influential Op-Ed piece in the New York Times looked at Ireland’s […]

Maps, geography & the economic slump

Maps are back! Maybe there was a time when mapping was dull but not anymore. With innovations such as GIS software and even mapping software on mobile phones, all sorts of people can do cool things with maps. A notable example is the The New York Times, which seems to have found some great cartographers. […]