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Creating Alternative Food Futures (update)

As noted here, with Joe Murray (Afri), Fergal Anderson (Food Sovereignty Ireland), Seamus Bradley (Derrybeg CSA), and Nathalie Markiefka, I co-organized an event back in April called Creating Alternative Food Futures: Food Sovereignty in Ireland and Beyond. The event was to recognize April 17, which is International Day of Peasant Struggle. La Via Campesina and […]

Recipe for an austerity dinner

Here’s a recipe for an austerity dinner (less than 5 euros for two people), with a bit of political/economic geography thrown into the mix. To serve two people, you will need: One can of tuna steak (200g) – – the tuna I have in front of me was caught in the Seychelles in the Indian […]

Ten resources for studying the ‘global foodscape’

Geographers interested in the ‘foodscape’ (or, more plainly, the geography – – or geographies?! – – of food) have lots of online options when it comes to finding data and information, gleaning insights about recent changes, or keeping track of what’s going on right now. Below are ten of the best options – – I’m […]

Power and Fairtrade in Ireland

[Note: This is the first of a few 500-word guest posts written by some of the dept’s 3rd yr Single Hons / Major students – – they were invited to write about their thesis topic, in the hope that they might receive some helpful comments. If you have anything constructive to say, please feel free […]

Apple Day is on now…

It’s October 21, which means only one thing in Brogdale, England: it’s Apple Day! Not the Apple of iPad’s, iPhones, and their ilk, but the crunchy, juicy fruit so beloved of this part of the world. I’ve been alerted to this important day by Carolyn Steel’s fantastic book, Hungry City, which tells the story of […]

A world of hunger

As reported in the Irish Times today, the International Food Policy Research Institute have released the 2010 Global Hunger Index, which provides information on the rate of hunger in 122 developing and transition countries for which data are available. According to IFPR, “The Index scores countries based on three equally weighted indicators: the proportion of people who […]

The global foodscape

Further population growth will mean greater demand for food. But exactly how that extra food is going to be produced is by no means clear (certainly, one “solution” being pursued is to grab land). According to the giant, global, powerful corporations charged with making a profit from food production – which, depending on how you […]

A sugar shortage in India

The planting decisions of small-scale farmers are increasingly bound up with the vagaries of the global commodities markets. So what happens on the land in a place such as India – where the agrarian economy is central to the lives of half of its 1.1 billion people – is closely connected with what happens in […]

Land grabs

Many of our undergraduate students, not least those in 1st year, are familiar with the food crisis which emerged in 2008 and continues into this year. A fundamental part of the story is the transformation in how food is produced, who does the producing, who benefits, and where those benefits go. Also important are the […]