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The odd foodscape

I think the foodscape is really quite odd. We produce food in almost unimaginable ways. And food production entails the making of some bizarre, even frightening  places and spaces. Watch the video below and I’m sure you will agree: Alistair Fraser

Horseburger and our odd global foodscape

Although it is just the latest in a long line of worrying food scares, I have still been fascinated by the recent ‘horseburger’ scandal; but not too alarmed, mind you, because I don’t buy processed meat and, even if I did, I don’t mind eating horse meat. In fact, along with some nice wine and […]

Recipe for an austerity dinner

Here’s a recipe for an austerity dinner (less than 5 euros for two people), with a bit of political/economic geography thrown into the mix. To serve two people, you will need: One can of tuna steak (200g) – – the tuna I have in front of me was caught in the Seychelles in the Indian […]

The global foodscape

Further population growth will mean greater demand for food. But exactly how that extra food is going to be produced is by no means clear (certainly, one “solution” being pursued is to grab land). According to the giant, global, powerful corporations charged with making a profit from food production – which, depending on how you […]