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Web-Scraping for Social Research: A Tutorial

Scraping, to state this quite formally, is a prominent technique for the automated collection of online data” (Marres and Weltevrede, 2013) As online databases become increasingly ubiquitous and critical to infrastructure and basic services, there has been a push back by researchers and activists attempting, in the first place, to make these databases more transparent […]

The 2013 Failed States Index

A number of African and other Developing World states can be portrayed by some commentators as soft states. In commenting on these, political geographer Richard Muir (1997: 204) notes that “while their boundaries may still define the state in de jure terms, they delimit a hollow shell which central authority is unable to fill”.  States that had […]

Video showing political changes in Europe from 1000 AD to present date

This is a fascinating resource – this video highlights all the political changes and boundary changes that have impacted on Europe over the past millennium. Definitely worth checking out – especially if you are a GY227 student! >:) Map of Europe: 1000 AD to present day

Your mobile phone / your tracking device

The idea that our phones allow us to be tracked (so long as they’re switched on) isn’t all that new, but it might still come as a bit of a shock to see just how closely we are tracked while we go about our business. A Green Party politician in Germany asked Deutshce Telecom to […]

Carroll’s City: Mapping the Zoe developments

Property bubbles. Property crashes. Ghost estates. Nama (or is it now the SPV?). The Bludget. The Tiger crisis. Any need to continue? Probably not. You get the picture: Ireland’s woe. One critical actor in the story is Liam Carroll, the man behind Zoe Developments. According to Frank MacDonald, an Irish Times journalist, Carroll was the […]

Tokyo subway map 2.0

What do you get by crossing the web’s largest sites, its hot spots, with the Tokyo subway map? Answer: the Web Trend Map. Put together by Information Architects in Japan, the map analyses web traffic and throws the results onto a map of the Tokyo subway. The result, an extract from which is shown below […]

Change your party, not your lifestyle

On Friday, when you vote in the European elections, you’re not just voting for Irish political parties. All of the main parties in Ireland also belong to European political groupings. Fine Gael belongs to the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) and European Democrats (EPP-ED) – currently the largest grouping in the Parliament. Labour is a […]