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Exploring the Power of Parks in Maynooth

 For Geography Awareness Week this year, we’ve been invited to consider the power of parks, to explore them and appreciate them for their worth. Getting to know the places we are from and the places beyond, we are exploring and discovering; our awareness is nurtured and we explore progressively further in time and space. Journeying […]

Rivers and towns. A guest blog on the Exploration of Water

For Geography Awareness Week, a historical geography of Irish rivers and their towns from the Irish Historic Towns Atlas

What are ‘office hours’?

As classes start back up again, most lecturers will be informing students about the times for their ‘office hours’ – but what are office hours? Well, they’re not the only time we’re in our offices, that’s for sure. But they are times when we will be in our office and ready and waiting to see […]

New blog on the block

Here’s a shameless plug for a new blog – Ireland after Nama – produced by some researchers at NUI Maynooth and other universities around the country. The site “was created with a view to emulate debate on an on-going basis, providing a platform to share thoughts, ideas, comments and reactions around the geography and spatiality […]